Current services and price list 

Please get in touch if you need any thing you dont see listed here we can always find a solution to help you.

Doula - Emotional and practical preparation and support during your pregnancy, birth and your postnatal period. Individualised to you and your family. One continuous safe person to empower you through your journey as well as give strong practical support with things such as making evidence based informed choices, feeding and sleeping.

Antenatal support only 6 Antenatal sessions usually taken as one a month 3-9 months but can be booked as you wish includes one session post birth to debrief birth £ 180- email,phone,text, messenger support for the whole duration of your pregnancy.

 Birth only package (including 6 antenatal sessions) £480 - up to 6 antenatal visits and attendance at birth on call for 2 weeks before your due date and 2 weeks after your due date -email,phone,text, messenger support for the whole duration of your pregnancy.

- Birth and postnatal package £600 - As above but also include's a 2 hour postnatal visit to debrief the birth, gain important emotional support, basic feeding support, practical support if needed what ever you need! - email,phone,text, messenger support for the whole duration of your pregnancy and postnataly.

Postnatal Doula only individual one off or adhoc Visits hourly rate £15 per hour- or book 20 hours for (£240 saving you 20 % on the usual hourly fee this is my most popular option) if booking individual adhoc  postnatal hours you must book in 2 hr minimum slots you can book these kind of slots  as often as needed for as long as needed your postnatal period has no set time period. mileage charged on top for addresses further than 10 miles from gl55 6qs.

Natal Therapy practical birth preparation and hypnobirthing

One to one – £220 Per Mother and Birth partner

Groups- £185  per Mother and Birth Partner

20 % off if booking any Doula services.Come along and spend the day with Nanny Doula preparing yourself for the birth of your baby. Your day will be calm, relaxing, fun and include plenty of refreshments and lunch. You will spend the day practically preparing yourself by learning what is actually going to be useful to you during your birth and very importantly your postnatal period, preparing your self practically and realistically, you will learn what you need to know and you will learn that it is your body, your pregnancy, your birth, your baby and that you are allowed and how to make informed evidence based informed decisions and prepare for the birth you want. You will learn hypnobirthing techniques to aid you in releasing worries and fears and focusing on deep relaxation to cope with your birth how you want to. At the end of the course you will be prepared and informed for your birth and postnatal period and ready to go forward to your birth with a positive focus without fear. Included in your course is a 1 hour pre course and 2 hour post course session which is a one to one session which will take place at your home or mine which ever you prefer this is so I can tailor the course to your specific requirements and you are able to recap, receive additional support and practice your hypnobirthing with me post course before the birth. BOOK NOW

Baby massage -

A relaxing and calm class where you will come and relax with your baby learn the ancient art of baby massage and meet other new parents and babies enjoying a chat after with a cuppa.Learn techniques to help with colic, sleep, ailments and physical development.

- one to one £65 - 4 week course

- Groups £35-  4 week course    BOOK NOW                                           

20 % off if booking any Doula services.

-Trouble shooting

My Trouble shooting service means to help you find a solution with anything you are experiencing  difficulties with whether you need just some basic support or me to come in person and create a solution then I can help. this may be things like feeding and sleep issues, colic etc it may be potty training or weaning or may be behavioural issues whatever it is you need help with I can help.

- Telephone and email support only £45 per 3 45 min telephone calls or £ 150 for unlimited calls for 1 month, £25 per 5 texts/emails or £100 for 1 months unlimited email and text support.

- In person 2 hour consultation £50.00

- In person consultation £150 per day consult

£250  in person 24 hour consultation per 24 hour period. CONTACT ME NOW TO DISCUSS

Maternity Nurse- 

24 hour support 5 days a week supporting you with every aspect of care of your newborn baby including feeding and sleep all nursery duties related to the baby and postnatal support allowing you time for respite and sleep.

£1200 per  5 days 24 hour duty or book per 24 hour period £240 CONTACT ME NOW TO DISCUSS

Night nanny -(usually booked 9pm-7am)

I will arrive at  9pm and stay until 7 am this is either to take over care and provide respite for you or to support you in getting baby sleeping through the night. 

£15 per hour BOOK NOW

Adhoc/emergency nanny

Child care as and when needed or last minute.£15 per hour 


Proxy parent

Child care in your absence. (if you are way for a night away, holiday, business or hospital stays etc)

£175 per 24 hour period


Event Nanny £20 ph per nanny

Event Nannies can be used for Weddings,christenings,parties,corporate and business or any other event.

£20 per hour per nanny more than one nanny can be arranged please ask for more details all nannies are well known, qualified and very experienced.