Is going with the flow the best way to have a baby ????

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

I believe strongly in informed choice I believe so passionately that it should always be the mothers choice for any decision made during her pregnancy and birth so if a mother says ''oh im just going with the flow women have babies all the time''and she is being genuinely serious that shes not preparing for her birth and her postnatal period in any way other than being very chilled and literally just going to wait and see what happens then thats her choice so thats OK right ?? Well of course if thats her choice then thats OK its her choice which should always be the case but my worry with the simply go with the flow choice is that the women may well be setting her self up for unprepared disappointment, frustration and leaving herself extremely vulnerable to decisions to be made that are not right for her and baby. Unfortunately the system a women is likely to be having her baby into isn't always going to play fairly in enabling her to have the positive experience she deserves and unfortunately she will more often than not be presented with no proper evidence based information to make proper decisions about her pregnancy and birth choices if I had a £1 for every woman I hear say ''oh I am not allowed to do that'' ''im not allowed to do this'' ''I have to do this'' I would be a very very rich woman, that woman has gone with the flow and not been able to make a proper informed choice because she doesn't realise that she has one and blindly believes that whatever she is being told to do must be for the best which is very often not always the case.I also know what its like to give birth I also know what the postnatal period is like I also know from first hand experience of having a go with the flow mentality giving birth and entering blindly unprepared into your fourth trimester (postnatal period) is not a good idea and is a huge shock when it isn't quite as easy as you anticipated. My worry is how can it truly be a woman's informed choice to go with the flow if shes made the decision to go with the flow based on no information and based on no evidence based facts ? Having a go with the flow mentality is a fabulous starting point to getting in the right frame of mind for achieving a positive birth experience but its not enough in my opinion especially if you are a first time mum and have no idea what to expect. Having a negative or even traumatic birth experience which could have easily been avoided can impact a women very severely for a long time to come after having her baby. In my opinion the best way to avoid a negative and traumatic experience is to prepare, do your research know your facts, prepare yourself for what is to come have a kick ass birth plan that has back up plans for all eventualities and get support but yes absolutely whilst doing that maintain that go with the flow mentality you began with then you have covered all bases you are prepared, you are relaxed you are confident,you are supported you know know what you need to do to optimise your chances of a positive birth, you know how to make informed decisions that will be right for you not just spare of the moment decisions giving room for coercion from others and keeping that go with the flow mentality will arm you with the skills to create an inner calm when you need it most.#positivebirth #yourbody #yourbaby #yourbirth #yourchoice #evidencebasedfacts #pregancy #doulas #gowiththeflow #fourthtrimester #birthplan

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