Woman centred support during pregnancy,birth and her postnatal period.


If you are looking at this page you are probably pregnant or trying to conceive and are looking for an element of support you are not currently getting or perhaps you are preparing for the next baby and trying to put in place a support you didn't get the last time. Firstly if you can have a Doula then please do even if you are not quite sure what a Doula is yet decide right now you are having one say it ''Im having a Doula''. Then read on to discover what one is. I promise you it is honestly the best decision you will make during the next 9 + months having a Doula will be an invaluable part of your pregnancy and birth Journey setting you on a calm,confident and empowered path into parent hood . If you read no further than this and decide I dont need a Doula then just take with you this... This is your pregnancy,your body,your baby,your choice, your journey and you are allowed ! This is your precious time to enjoy and you have the right to enjoy it, to experience it fully and properly, to feel confident, empowered and supported.

So What is a Doula ?

Lets clarify what a Doula is. If you google Doula your standard explanation of what a Doula is says ''A doula, also known as a birth companion, birth coach or post-birth supporter, is a non-medical person who assists a woman before, during, or after childbirth, to provide emotional support and physical help if needed. They also may provide support to the mother's partner and family.(*Wikipedia 2018*

So yes in very basic terms that is what a Doula is but a Doula is so so much more than this. Yes a Doula is a non medical person rather than a medical person, a Doula is an experienced person, a person who has a vast knowledge in all things pregnancy it is her passion,vocation and role to constantly research and inform her self with as much up to date research and information as she can, she is knowledgeable in birth and postnatal, she has a knowledge and deep understanding that goes far beyond that of a medical professional. She can obviously never replace a medical professional and they are wholesomely respected as they should be and play their vital role where needed but the Doula is not a medical professional if she was what would the point of her be. She is different, she has real life experience in supporting women and their families in the reality of what they actually need at an emotional and practical level at this most precious time in their lives, she can provide a completely different level of support that the medical professionals cannot give she can but happily work with and along side them. She is a Doula because she loves what she does, she is Doula because it is a calling that she must answer, she is Doula because she knows and understands that it is vital she supports a woman into her Journey of motherhood, she is a Doula so that a mother has a positive pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience, she is a Doula so that a woman is able to make proper informed choices, she is a Doula so that a woman learns and understands her rights in pregnancy and child birth, She is a Doula so that a woman embarks on her journey into mother hood with confidence and enjoyment . A Doula devotes her time to constant research and knowledge development so that she is well placed to help a woman learn about pregnancy, birth and her postnatal period. A Doula supports a woman emotionally but a Doula also supports a woman practically and informationaly. Being pregnant is a time of lots of decision making and in area you probably are unfamiliar with and dont know where to begin, a Doula can support you in learning everything you need to know and how to make informed decisions based on accurate proper information and support you in whatever your decisions are. 

Emotional support is a huge if not the main role of the Doula in our modern society there is no village any more, there is no mum 2 doors down, there is not that lady in the village who helps all the women in her pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, there is no it takes a village to raise a child mentality any more. Women are expected to get on with it, work a full time job while growing a human being,have their baby as they are told to,learn how to be  a mum, hold down that job , run the household. It is rare there is a continuity of care for a women during her pregnancy,it is rare a women gets given proper accurate information upon which to base her decisions, it is rare a women is given proper feeding support, it is even more rare that a women is supported at home both practically with household tasks and child care as well as emotionally, we live in a society where births are medicalised instead of normalised and inductions are regularly pushed to make women a convenient number on the list rather than giving that woman proper woman centred care and support. For all of these reason's that is why a Doula is so vitally invaluable , a Doula never replaces a medical professional but all the things that have have been lost to our women through our modern society a Doula can do her very best to give back to her doing her best to provide a continuity of support through out a woman's pregnancy,birth and postnatal period.

All Doula's will work differently and offer different things it is really important to find a Doula you can click with and build a good relationship with.

This is what is offered within my package.

An intial free no obligation meeting to discuss and establish your requirements and decide if we are the right fit for each other. If you decide to hire me as your Doula you will then get a monthly antenatal session with me, in these sessions we will build a relationship so that I can really support you how you want to be supported during your birth and postnatal period as well we discuss anything you are unsure of work on confidence and finding out information on things that may be worrying you or things you may need to make decisions about. I will be on call to you for 2 weeks prior to your due date until the baby is born. I will attend and support you during your birth however we have decided in our antenatal sessions you want to be supported. Postnatally you will receive 12 hours of postnatal visits normally taken in 2 or 3 hour blocks during your postnatal sessions we will talk or rather I will listen (that might not make sense now but will after having your baby), I will help you with feeding and give you guidance on all things new parent and new baby, I will get stuck in and help you practically if the dishwasher needs unloading, if the hoover needs flicking round, if the dog needs walking, the children need taking to or collecting from school, the clothes put on to wash etc etc then consider it done you will receive a full support network for the time im with you.  Please get in touch to talk through how I can support you.