Practical Birth Preparation and

hypnobirthing Weekend and Evening courses - please see the book online page under birth prep for available dates Also available to book one to one please contact me directly to book your one to one place email

Come along and spend the weekend or 6 evenings with Nanny Doula preparing yourself for the birth of your baby.
Your day will be calm, relaxing, fun and include plenty of refreshments and lunch on day courses and supper on evening courses. 
You will spend your time practically preparing yourself by learning what is actually going to be useful to you during your birth and very importantly your postnatal period, preparing your self practically and realistically, you will learn what you need to know and you will learn that it is your body, your pregnancy, your birth, your baby and that you are allowed and how to make informed evidence based informed decisions and prepare for the birth you want. You will learn hypnobirthing and relaxation techniques to aid you in releasing worries and fears and focusing on deep relaxation to cope with your birth how you want to. At the end of the course you will be realistically prepared and informed for your birth and postnatal period and ready to go forward to your birth with a positive focus without fear.