Baby Massage Gloucestershire










Baby massage is a wonderful relaxed and fun thing to enjoy with your baby suitable from newborn. It is the ideal first baby class to take with little one my 4 week classes are relaxing and you will receive full postnatal support from me.

Classes are held at the mummy shed Nanny Doula's luxurious dedicated pregnancy to parenthood studio.

Baby massage has a vast amount of benefits for you and your baby.

You might be interested to know that baby massage isn't the latest fad it has been practised for 1000's of years it is believed infant massage originates in Indian culture dating back as far as 1800 bc.

Benefits of baby massage 

  • improved weight gain

  • bonding with your baby

  • better sleep

  • easier to soothe

  • aid colic

  • learn your babies cues

  • aid teething/colds and other mild ailments

  • improved growth and development

  • help baby settle into new or unsettling environments

  • releases Oxcytocin in the mother helping postnatal depression and lowness

  • get older siblings involved at home creating binding time with siblings

  • increases circulation

  • enhances immune system by reducing toxins

  • nourishes the skin

  • better muscular and skeletal health

  • additional benefits for preterm babies such as increased receptivity.improved sleep/helps baby tune out to over stimulating stimulus/improved GI functioning/improved social development.

Please go to the book online page to to see the next available course.

Courses are run across 4 weeks at £35 pp for the full 4 week course to include your massage oil and lots of tea and cake whilst you chat with other new parents and if you want it gain postnatal support from me.

Classes can also be taught one to one or private courses for groups of friends can me arranged do get in touch to enquire 07721687887.


Once you have completed the relaxing 4 week baby massage course you can go on to attend my weekly rolling baby massage class massage monkey's which will be suitable as baby gets older incorporating sensory and heuristic play with infant massage the ideal follow on from my 4 week course.