About me 

Hello Im Danielle or Nanny Doula as lots of you fondly call me thank you for visiting my page.


 I am a Birth and Postnatal Doula, Nanny, Baby Massage instructor and Hypnobirthing Instructor living in Gloucestershire.


I am qualified,experienced and passionate about providing new mums support through out their whole journey from pregnancy to motherhood I do this in lots of ways, I support mums one to one as their doula supporting them to achieve a positive birth and postnatal experience, I provide support through various mum and baby classes at my mummy shed a luxurious pregnancy to motherhood log cabin dedicated to all my mum and baby classes based at my home in weston subedge and as a nanny. Please see the book online page for all current classses or my facebook page @NannyDoula for current events. 


I live in a little village called Weston Subedge in the Cotswolds. I am a Birth and Postnatal Doula offering Birth and Postnatal Doula support. I cover Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire as well as most of Oxfordshire.


I completed my Doula training with Nurturing birth in April 2018 and I am now completing the Doula uk Mentorship Programme to become a Doula uk registered Doula find me on the Doula uk webiste.


 I am also a Nanny I am a qualified Nanny with a Cache diploma in child care and education and hold  a current clear DBS check I was a full time Nanny covering Gloucestershire as well as Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire for 13 years and now still emergency, adhoc, night nanny, evening baby sitting and maternity nurse services.


I am a baby massage teacher  I qualified as a baby massage teacher with Birth Rocks baby massage in April 2018. I hold small relaxed baby massage classes from Weston Subedge Gloucestershire just 15 mins from Evesham, Stratford upon Avon and Moreton in Marsh.


I am a Natal hypnotherapy hypnobirthing practitioner and  birth preparation teacher and hold small friendly classes in Weston subedge. My hypnobirthing and birth preparation group sessions and pregnancy relaxation classes are  held in small relaxed personal groups in Weston Subedge Gloucestershire . All classes are also  available one to one .


My most important role is Mummy I am a mother to one beautiful and very cheeky boy named Freddie.


I am passionate about being a Doula and offering a Mother the continuity of support she needs, wants and deserves to have.

I am passionate about helping mothers in their pregnancies to make informed evidence based choices to ensure they travel the path they want to travel not be swept along on somebody else’s.

My only agenda is to help a mother to enjoy her pregnancy to the fullest and aim for the birth she wish's to have providing her with full proper support in her choices and in her postnatal period emotionally, informationaly and practically.


I am passionate about ensuring women gain full proper Postnatal  support and with their feeding choices whatever they may be.


I am passionate about giving confidence and empowerment to a mother during her pregnancy and postnatal period going forward into motherhood so she is fully prepared for the journey ahead of her.

Becoming a mother whether it be for the first or sixth time is one of the most amazing, exciting and rewarding things as a human being she will ever do but with that also comes a time of vulnerability, stress and lots of descion making and with that support is vital !

It should be a given ! It is needed and should be available to every woman from the very beginning that’s what having a Doula will give you, a continuous source of support throughout your whole pregnancy and postnatal period so you can have the pregnancy and birth you want to have whilst being prepared and empowered to change your path if things don’t go quite to plan and be happy in all your choices.


I would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your requirements and find out if you would like me to be your Doula it is important to meet and decide if we are the right fit for each other, its really important we click and you feel that  you can trust  in me implicitly to provide you with the support you desire and I need to be comfortable in your requirements it’s a 2 way relationship everyone needs to be on the same page and get on well so a great first start is with a free no obligation meeting in your home please contact me to arrange a convenient time to do this.